Equity Strategies

TJIM’s Equity Styles have a conservative philosophy with a focus on valuation and diversification.

Our investment team builds, maintains and improves our models over time through diligent fundamental research. Our equity portfolios will generally have an aggregate valuation less than the S&P 500 and historically have captured most of the upside of the market while limiting downside in declining markets.

Equity portfolios normally hold between 30 and 60 securities diversified across at least eight of the eleven S&P sectors, with a maximum sector weighting of twice the S&P weighting or 10%, whichever is larger. Normally individual position sizes will not exceed 5%.

Taxes can be a significant issue for many investors, so TJIM takes taxes into consideration and has a low turnover strategy that averages 25 to 35% annually over a business cycle, which implies a 3 to 4 year holding period. We benchmark both portfolios to the S&P 500, and we anticipate that they will have equity-like risk and return, but should generally have a lower risk than the benchmark as measured by standard deviation.

Core/Relative Value Stock Strategy

The Core/Relative Value Stock Strategy is an equity strategy designed to maximize total return over a business cycle while also creating a prudent, well-diversified, high-quality portfolio that addresses capital preservation and risk.

Diversified Stock Income Strategy

Our Diversified Stock Income Strategy is designed to obtain income through prudent diversification in equities (stocks) with a secondary consideration toward total return.