Our team builds both fixed income (bonds) and equity (stocks) separately managed accounts. Thus, our research is a blend of economic, earnings, and credit analysis, which uncovers interesting opportunities. For example, fixed income price improvement specific to one security has in some circumstances been an early indicator of a credit problem resolution with eventual earnings and stock price improvement. Likewise, fixed income price deterioration can be an early indicator of an eventual equity decline.

Our process is disciplined. In our equity approaches, we have always maintained a respect for diversification and valuation standards and focus on providing satisfactory returns with less risk over a market cycle.  In our fixed income approach, we strive to optimally balance risk, return, yield, and liquidity by managing duration, quality, structure, and sector selection. We build portfolios of high quality individual bonds and not mutual funds or ETFs.

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Benefits of Separately Managed Accounts

  • Customization
  • Transparency
  • Low Fees
  • Greater Control
  • Tax Management
  • Social Restrictions
  • Diversification around existing positions/businesses
  • Individual Ownership
  • Accessibility
  • All portfolios are structured using individual securities
  • Ability & Willingness to take in-kind positions
  • Customized Asset Allocation – We can accommodate a broad range of asset allocations from a mix of 90% Equity and 10% Fixed Income to a mix of 10% Equity and 90% Fixed Income or any mix in-between.